About Another Space

Another Space is a project space for art and architecture based in Copenhagen and Oslo. It was established by curator Marte Danielsen Jølbo and architect Nicola Louise Markhus, and is organised as a nomadic curatorial collaboration. Through independent projects, collaborations and an upcoming online exhibition space, we wish to instigate immersions and critical approaches to the cross-disciplinary field and its potentials through presenting and discussing current tendencies within art, architecture and society. Our curatorial approach is further based on concerns for spatiality, materiality and craftsmanship.

From 2012-2014 Another Space was a combined gallery, project space and shared office located in Amager, Copenhagen. During that time we curated 11 exhibitions, published a book and participated in art fairs and festivals in Denmark and abroad, as well as housing guest exhibitions and events. We are currently working on developing our website into a richer digital platform for exhibitions, text, images and references linked to work in the field between art and architecture.


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