Øystein Aasan, Vaerk>Sted, Florian Neufeldt
– an exhibition in three stages

Stage 3: Florian Neufeldt
THE GATEKEEPER (A Homeopathic Show)
31. Oct – 6.Nov 2014

DOUBLE SITE _approaching a stepped landscape
17. Oct – 25. Oct 2014

Stage 1: Øystein Aasan
GATES (Observational Hazard)
26. Sept – 4. Oct 2014

Epsiode 7: Another Space
Curated by insitu as part of the festival Artist Run
9-31. May 2014

and / and
Cecilie Bendixen (DK), Olaf Holzapfel (DE), Nathan Peter (US), Eliza Strozyk (DE),
Ingo Mittelstaedt (DE)
21. March – 26. April 2014

Eugenio Espinoza (VE), Margrethe Aanestad (NO)
7. February – 8. March 2014

Club Suite
Aurora Passero at Gallery Negativa Moderna, Archer, Florida
30. November 2013 – 31. January 2014

Another Space at Untitled.
Aurora Passero at Untitled. Art Fair, Miami, Florida
2. – 8. December 2013

Nicht Realisiert – In search of lost experience
Curated by Victoria Bugge Øye
With Another Space, Lizette Bryrup, Marie Hauge Jensen, Kine Økland, Karól Kvaran, Andreas Frostholm, Georg Jagunov
27. September – 19. October 2013

Blue Bricks II
Akane Moriyama, Alt_Cph (Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair)
29. August – 01. September 2013

Textile Spaces
CITA (Center for IT and Architecture) (DK), Else Leirvik (NO), Akane Moriyama (JP/SE), Aurora Passero (NO), Tove Storch (DK)
4. – 25. May 2013

Central heating furniture / Ventilation slide projection
A Kassen (DK)
5. – 20. April 2013

Liminal City
Frederik Beckett-Nilsson (DK) and Clara Ha (US)
1. – 10. March 2013

Something is taking shape
Jacob Jessen, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Pondering Props (Elin Eyborg Lund and Karól Kvaran), Magnus Pettersen, Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen
2. – 12. November 2012

Past Events

31.10.2014 at 17.30:
Talk with Florian Neufeldt, Maria Mengel and Another Space

17.10.2014 at 17.30:
Presentation by VAERK>STED in conversation with Lea Fløe Christensen

26.09.2014 at 17.30
Talk with Øystein Aasan and Ion Sørvin (N55), moderated by Markus Richter (0047)

Finnisage for Nicht Realisiert and
Performance Evening curated by Marie Hauge
19.00 – 20.30

Another Space and Marie Hauge welcomes you to an evening that focuses on the performer and the investigative artistic process. The exhibition Nicht Realisiert will set the frame for an artistic discussion about the role of the performer on stage, that will be manifested this evening through performative experiments. Is it possible for the performer to be herself, a subject, on stage, or does she always play a role? Is the spectator at all interested in the performer as an individual, or does she function as a tool for the audience to observe themselves?

The invited artists reflect upon these questions and put themselves into perspective. The event opens with a solo performance by Marie Hauge, followed by a talk about the performative subject by Stuart Lynch. The recently formed Splintergroup, made up of 12 students from the Holberg Film and Theatre School, will close the evening.

19:00 – 19:30: Solo by Marie Hauge
19:30 – 19:45: Break
19:45 – 20:15: Talk by Stuart Lynch
20:15 – 20:30: Splintergroup

A Kassen: Artist talk
17.00 – 18.00

Liminal City: Presentation of the project and the drawing process, by architects Frederik Beckett-Nilsson and Clara Ha
17.00 – 17.30

Followed by exhibition opening and Another Space opening party (22.00 onwards)