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Publication: Aurora Passero – A Body of Work


“Passero’s practice, continuing both an abstract painting tradition and a textile-based art that dissolves solid, rigid sculpture, also points straight at an ongoing discourse and a digital world. Interrogating a collapse of former binary opposites, her work erases old distinctions between being and non-being, solid and the ethereal, human and object.”

Maria Kjær Themsen, “Between Tech and Monet: The Textile Works of Aurora Passero”


A hundred photographs in full colour documents the artist’s work from 2009 to present. The book includes an interview with Passero by Marte Danielsen Jølbo and a text by Maria Kjær Themsen, and is designed in close collaboration with graphic designer Pati Passero.

A Body of Work  is published by Another Space, Oslo, 2018

All artworks: Aurora Passero
Graphic design: Pati Passero
Text: Maria Kjær Themsen
Interview: Marte Danielsen Jølbo
Translation: Glen Garner
Proofreading: Nicola Markhus, Diana Taylor
Post Production: Jørn Aagaard
Print: TStrykk
Edition of 400

Price NOK 350,- + shipment

For inquiries about the book please contact us via email: anotheranotherspace@gmail.com

To buy the book send us an email or use the Paypal-solution below

The book will be available in bookshops soon.


Thanks to Arts Council Norway for generous support.


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