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Publication: Shared Territory

Publication, 2015



Shared Territory is a publication about framework, collaboration, context, authorship and autonomy in the field between art and architecture. The starting point is the exhibition series øysteinaasanvaerk>stedflorianneufeldtthat took place in Another Space during the autumn of 2014. Here, three artistic and architectural practices were bound together in a site-specific relay in which they worked in extension of the structures created earlier in the process or laid out traces for the next participant to respond to.

In addition to presenting the exhibitions, the publication is a further reflection on the discussions that arose between the curators, artists, invited speakers and the audience, forming a collection of different voices. The book is made up of texts and images about a variety of topics that are loosely associated with the works and the process of the exhibitions series. These include presentations of successful and failed collaborative projects, conflicts of authorship, approaches to site-specificity and context, examples of ‘finding’ and re-use, and more.

This limited edition publication is partly produced by hand by Another Space and Eller med a, in the studio of Officin in Copenhagen, Denmark. It includes new contributions by Øystein Aasan, Vaerk>Sted and Florian Neufeldt, forming a second lap of the exhibition relay.

Written and edited by Nicola Louise Markhus and Marte Danielsen Jølbo
Works by Øystein Aasan, Vaerk>Sted and Florian Neufeldt
Photography by Hampus Berndtson and Nicolas Andreou
Design and production by Eller med a
Published by Another Space

Price: 200 NOK + shipping

Order the book here via Paypal, or send us an email at anotheranotherspace@gmail.com

The book is also for sale here:

-1, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
Motto, Kunsthal Charlottenborg


Torpedo Bookshop
Nasjonalmuseet, The Museum of Contemporary Art


Stavanger Art Museum

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