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Another Space exhibition and book release during Copenhagen Art Week

We are very pleased to announce our participation in Copenhagen Art Week, which takes place between August 21- 30. Details and more information will be posted before the events, but for now you can take note of the dates and check out the amazing list of exhibitors below.

August 23 – September 13:

The exhibition Self Storage, with project spaces Koh-i-Noor and Skulpturi. Initiated by BETON. Contributions by:

Akane Moriyama (JP), Ann Lislegaard (NO), Aurora Passero (NO), Bram Braam (NL), Cecilie Bendixen (DK), Cecilie Skov (DK), Clara Ha (US), Damir Avdagic (NO), Eller med a (NO/DK), Elin Eybord Lund (DK), Eugenio Espinoza (VE), Florian Neufeldt (DE), Ingo Mittelstaedt (DE), Insitu (DE), Jacob Jessen (DK), Johanne Dybdal Sigvardsen and Sophia Maria Seitz-Rasmussen (DK), Jytte Høy (DK), Kristian Laudrup (DK), Lene Baadsvig Ørmen (NO), Linn Pedersen (NO), Luca Vanello (IT), Magnus Pettersen (NO), Mahony (AT), Margrethe Aanestad (NO), Moa Alskog (SE), Nathan Peter (US), Nicht Realisiert (Victoria Bugge Øye, Another Space, Lizette Bryrup, Marie Hauge Jensen, Kine Økland, Karol Kvaran, Andreas Frostholm) (DK/NO), Olaf Holzapfel (DE), Pascal Lavaud (DK), Pia Greschner (DE), Robin Danielsson (SE), Runa Johannessen (NO), Ruth Campau (DK), Sandra Vaka Olsen (NO), Sinta Werner (DE), Stein Rønning (NO), Tove Storch (DK), Ulrich Vogl (DE), Wolf von Kries (DE)

August 27:

Book launch of our new publication Shared Territory after the symposium “What’s the alternative?” at Officin.

Shared Territory is a publication about framework, collaboration, context, authorship and autonomy in the field between art and architecture. The starting point is the exhibition series øysteinaasanvaerk>stedflorianneufeldt, that took place in Another Space during the autumn of 2014. In addition to presenting the exhibitions, the publication is a further reflection on the discussions that arose between the curators, artists, invited speakers and the audience, forming a collection of different voices in loose visual and textual associations. The publication also includes new contributions by Øystein Aasan, Vaerk>Sted and Florian Neufeldt, that forms a second lap of the exhibition relay.

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