Central heating furniture / Ventilation slide projection
A Kassen

06 – 20 April 2013


Artist talk: Thursday April 18th, 17-18
A Kassen will give an introduction to their work and the exhibition at Another Space.

Artistic and architectural practices that engage explicitly within a spatial framework have a special ability to illustrate the artworks’ dialogue with the surroundings – it’s history, cultural and geographical characteristics and connotations. Using our space in the old chocolate factory as a starting point, A Kassen was invited to create a site-specific exhibition. The works on display are activated by the literal connection to specific systems and structures of the room, as well as the contextual reality of the factory and the city of Copenhagen.

Central heating furniture and Ventilation slide projection create separate systems that overlap in a unified installation. Marcel Breuers long Laccio table from 1925, one of the first tubular steel furniture designs, is connected to the central heating pipes in the room. Warm water runs through the frame of the table, spreading heat into the space. The singular object, an expression of modernist industrial rationale, thus becomes an extension of the huge, invisible net of pipes that provide heat to the entire city.

On the small table placed astride sits a circular slide projector, looping seemingly blank images on the wall. The slides are cut out of the room’s windows, exposing the dirt and dust that have collected on the glass. The random patterns of grime are subjected to the format and operation of the projector, also evident in the regular perforations of the window glass. The holes point simultaneously to the projections on the wall and out of the exhibition space – to the world outside, while counteracting the radiating table by letting cool air inside.

A Kassen’s artworks resonate with both the industrial history of the factory space and the design-historical awareness of the creative industries present in the building today. The physical attachment between the introduced objects and elements in the room allows for the exhibition space to fill the works with content and meaning. The artist’s poetic interventions bring out inherent qualities of the space while at the same time reach beyond it.

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Photos by Bo Johannsen and Nicola Markhus

The exhibition is kindly supported by

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